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Teach Me Bass Guitar – DVD Instructional Course

This bass instruction course contains a wealth of information packed into ten DVDs and a 162 page pdf book. Included on the DVDs, aside from the actual lessons, are lots of jam tracks and a ‘loop library’ to practise to. You even get access to an on-line community for even more help and inspiration. The course is broken down in to 20 separate bass lessons and has been filmed in a high quality, wide screen format.

The lessons themselves are tutored by Roy Vogt, who has a Masters Degree in electric bass, and decades of professional playing experience. The course begins with basic chromatic movement on the fingerboard, progressing on to sharps and flats, elementary music theory, key signatures, time signatures, half-steps, whole-steps and major and minor scales. Each lesson starts with a warm-up and ends with a cool-down, usually involving Roy demonstrating a variety of stretching exercises. The course is very useful to beginners and experienced players alike.

Roy Vogt is an easy going instructor and has a clear way of breaking down the subject matter. If you are a beginner you are going to start off with learning the basic parts of the bass and some finger exercises essential to developing the muscles you need to play. Some of the early lessons will seem a bit slow to a more experienced player but I wouldn’t recommend skipping these as Roy offers a lot of real world tips and tricks in some of the asides to the actual lesson. Each lesson has on screen diagrams and fret boards showing the notes and fingers positions in real time. Very useful. Occasionally, he’ll bring in his own students and demonstrate an actual lesson, too.  Major, minor, augmented and diminished triads are covered, as are pedal note patterns and all the modes. Other lessons cover major and dominant 7th chords, diminished and augmented chords, syncopations and mixed rhythms.  Throughout the course, Roy’s presentation couldn’t be simpler and it couldn’t be clearer.

One of the most valuable aspects of Teach Me Bass Guitar is when nearly every lesson moves into “Chateau Groove”, where Roy performs each musical example along with a first-rate group of Nashville studio musicians.  Roy demonstrates each selection two times with the band, once slow and once fast. 

Guess what – then it’s your turn!  After each full-band performance, Roy sits out and lets you play the bass part along with this great band.  This opportunity is provided at both tempos for all selections, resulting in over one hundred play-along opportunities. Great fun.

Each lesson also has a “Loop Library,” enabling you to really nail down everything Roy has presented, over and over again, until it’s securely ingrained in your muscle memory. 

A minor niggle for me was that the accompanying course book is in pdf format only on one of the DVDs. Whilst I appreciate that this does reduce costs, it does mean that to get the best out of it you really have to print out a copy. As I said though, this is just a minor thing.

The course isn’t cheap but an equivalent set of lessons with a real life instructor would probably run into the thousands. The whole set of DVDs covers an enormous amount of ground, from James Brown soul grooves, to swing, shuffle, jazz, funk, R&B, World music, Afro-Cuban and reggae.  Entire lessons are also devoted to intricate 16th-note funk patterns, slapping and popping and two-handed tapping. Other topics include sight-reading, developing bass lines for standards, decoding the Nashville numbering system, understanding effects, and showcasing various fretted and fretless basses.


If you are looking for one place where you can learn the tools you need to become a great bass player then this course is going to help you get to where you want to go. Roy can guide you, and make the practice fun and easy.

For more info about Teach Me Bass Guitar, visit their website. And go ahead and grab a copy of the course while you are there. They have a full 90 day return policy, so you have no worries if you find the course is not right for you



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